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Are You My Ideal Client?


Have you gotten to the point in your life and career where you are starting to think that maybe you should be maximizing your financial decisions? Do you wonder if the current providers of financial services that you work with are seeing your whole picture and understanding what you value in life? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions - read on to see if you might want to consider getting on my "bus".

What? A bus? That's a metaphor I use for the universe of clients I hope to serve as I build my business. I can't serve everyone. It's really important to me to find the right fit between myself and new clients because there's only so much room on the bus. This is who I would like to ride with...


People Who Have Never Hired a Financial Planner

The first question above speaks to you. I actually fall into this category so I really understand the struggles you're facing. You're probably in the middle of your career, making some good money, and wondering where it all goes. You know you still have some time to save for retirement, but there are things in your life that are taxing your resources. Things like family, daycare, mortgages, and living life today.

You're not sure whether to pay more on your student loans, save for retirement, buy a bigger house or a new car, or invest in little Emma's future golf career. You haven't hired a "financial planner" because you didn't know you needed one, or where to find someone you trust.  If this is you, think about getting on the bus.


You're Not So Sure About Your Current Financial Professional

The second question above is all about you. Maybe you work with someone at your bank because they suggested you set up a college savings account. Maybe you rolled over an old 401k into an IRA with a company who could manage your investments. Maybe you went looking for life insurance and they offered you a whole suite of services that you aren't sure if you need.

Ask yourself if there is a little voice in the back of your head that wonders if your experience could be better/more comprehensive/more transparent/more understandable/more FUN. If the answer is yes, maybe you should get on the bus.


What Else?

Is that it? No. I actually want us to like eachother. Financial planning is important, personal stuff. There will be times where the discussion gets uncomfortable. I promise that I don't judge any of your past decisions or your current challenges or your future goals and dreams. You deserve it to yourself to find someone you are willing to share all of that with.

And there will be laughter. Sometimes because life is funny, and sometimes because it's not. I am passionate about personal finances so you don't have to be. Just bring yourself, and we'll figure out the rest. 

(And if my bus doesn't sound like it's where you want to be, there are lots of other fee-only planners that would be happy to welcome you onto theirs - find them at XY Planning Network or NAPFA)