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Make a (Financial) New Year's Resolution

It's that time of year! I dread going to the gym next week because this is when everyone joins in hopes of losing weight, getting healthy, and recovering from all the excesses of the holiday season. They want to live longer and have better quality of life.

Hmm. Sounds just like what people are thinking about regarding their finances (or they should be, if they aren't!). They want to cut expenses, make more money next year, and get themselves out of the debt hole they dug themselves shopping. They want to retire earlier, switch careers, or find better work-life balance. So, in addition to (or instead of) joining a gym, maybe you should work with a financial planner!

Motivation is key

Let's face it, most of us know what we have to do in order to reach our fitness and health goals. You don't have to join a gym or hire a personal trainer. Learn a little about nutrition, a little about strength training and do some cardio exercise. There you go. Success!

The same thing can be said for your finances. The basics are simple, make more and spend less. Learn a little about investing, a little about budgeting, and save for your future goals. It can be that easy. 

But just like most people aren't successful reaching their health and fitness goals without help, many aren't successful financially without professional guidance, partnership, and accountability. They can benefit from an objective viewpoint when it comes to setting their goals to be aligned with their values, putting into place financial solutions that help them reach those goals, and then working with them as they go through life and make financial decisions. 

What's You 2018 Goal?

Do you want to lose weight, gain strength, improve health, and/or get more energy? Your goal will dictate your solution - like joining the gym, hiring a personal trainer, or working with a nutritionist. Just like with health and fitness, your financial goals will dictate how much and what type of assistance you might benefit from.

Goal - Simplify Your Finances

Solution - If you feel like you have money all over the place, without a clear picture of where you stand today, perhaps all you need is a quick session with a planner to help you gain clarity.

Goal - Streamline Your Finances

Solution - If you feel like you need to get help automating your budgeting, cash flow, retirement savings, and debt repayments, you might benefit from learning a system or tool that can help you with all of that.

Goal - Optimize Your Finances

Solution - If you are finally in a place with your career and family where you need a plan for all aspects of your financial life, a comprehensive plan can help you clarify your goals and how your income, saving and spending align with those goals. 

Goal - Make Good Financial Decisions

Solution - If you feel like you need a "financial phone-a-friend", then an ongoing relationship with a financial professional can help you make decisions real-time. If you're making financial decisions regarding homes, autos, debt repayment or refinancing, children, career, and/or travel, have a trusted resource you can go to for information and advice.

As always, if there is any way I can help with your 2018 (financial) resolutions, reach out!

Have a Happy New Year!