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When is the Best Time to Hire a Financial Planner?

Is it in your twenties, when you graduate from college and get your first job? You're living on your own for the first time. You're earning a decent income, but not sure whether to pay off debt, save for retirement, or just have fun because, you know, YOLO. Maybe you're moving across the country, getting a promotion, or wanting to make sure you take advantage of all those benefits your company offers.

Is it in your thirties, when you've got some experience under your belt and it isn't just you anymore? Maybe you've gotten married, and are expanding your family. You're finally starting to pay down or pay off all your debt, but all your cash seems like it's going for childcare or housing. Are you thinking about buying a house, or renovating the space you're in? You know you have to save for retirement, but how?

Is it in your forties, when you might be thinking about changing careers because you're making less than you should, or making more than you dreamed and it's burning you out. Your kids are getting older, but how can you afford travel softball and saving for college at the same time? Or you're getting divorced and wondering how you start over. Maybe you're starting to worry about your parents getting older, and how you're going to take care of them when you're so busy.

Is it in your fifties, when you're worried if you're behind on your savings, yet you're in your prime earning years. Are you sending your kids off to college and wondering how you're going to pay for it without breaking the bank? Maybe you're thinking about trying to squeeze in one last family vacation before everyone scatters to the wind. Do your thoughts turn to what you might want to fill your days with once you don't have to work anymore?

Is it in your sixties, when you start to wind down your career, but still want to find a reason to get out of bed? You want to be able to travel and see your grandkids, or even move to be near them or other family and friends. You're starting to realize that maybe you should have done more of those things you said you would do when you had more money. Maybe you could even have an encore career, start a business, or give back to your community.

Is it in your seventies, when every moment you get to spend enjoying life is a gift? You're less concerned about what everyone else is doing, and eager to cement your legacy. Maybe you're struggling to transition from wealth building to embracing the rewards of all the years of hard work. You're starting to realize what really matters, and it wasn't more time at the office.

Guess what? The time is now.