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We start all our engagements with conversations about who you are, your experiences and philosophy around money, and what's going on in your life. We will discuss your goals, your values, and what your expectations are of financial planning. How do you see your future and what are you willing to change? Do you need one-time advice or desire an ongoing partnership?


Next, we gather all of your financial data. Instead of sending a bunch of paper back and forth, we use technology to aggregate your financial account information, capture your financial life story, and share digital files.


We assess all of the information you provide and figure out the optimal financial decisions you can make that will help you get more out of your life with the money you have. We help you prioritize what needs to be done now, versus what can wait. We take a look at different scenarios that can impact whether or not your plan can become reality. And when life changes, so does our work together, so that your plan is a living reflection of your current circumstances. 


Not only do you want to know WHAT to do, you want accountability and assistance getting it done. We help you find the right mix of others - whether in tax, legal, insurance, or investments - to get the job done right. We make sure you're on track to accomplish what you told us is important to you, year after year.